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See if your property is eligible for non-residential stamp duty rates using our condition assessment tool.

Our tool helps you identify any defects in the property you’ve purchased that could make it unliveable according to government guidelines.

Different types of problems are grouped together, and you can click on the thumbnail to see more details about each issue.

The tool assigns a score to each condition issue based on severity, adding them up to give a total score. A score above 100 suggests the property is unlivable, and above 300 is a strong case.

If your property is unliveable, it cannot be classified as ‘residential’ for stamp duty purposes. Instead, it can be classified as ‘non-residential,’ and you can pay commercial stamp duty rates, which are usually lower than residential rates. Our stamp duty calculator can show you the difference in rates, and help you determine how much you might save.

“Uninhabitable” and “unlivable”

The terms “uninhabitable” and “unlivable” are often used interchangeably and can mean similar things, but there is a subtle difference in their meanings.

“Uninhabitable” usually refers to a property that is not fit for human habitation due to its condition, such as a severe lack of basic utilities or structural damage. This can be an objective assessment based on local government codes and regulations.

On the other hand, “unlivable” is a more subjective term that can refer to a property that is not comfortable or suitable for living in, even if it meets basic standards for habitability. For example, a property might be unlivable due to noise pollution or other environmental factors, despite being structurally sound and meeting local codes.

Overall, the key difference between the two terms is that “uninhabitable” is a legal and objective term used to define a property that fails to meet minimum standards for human habitation, while “unlivable” is a more subjective term that can refer to any property that is not comfortable or suitable for living in, regardless of its objective condition.

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