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Case timeline.

Do you qualify?

Nicholas Garner.

  1. Overpaid stamp duty reclaims are only viable for:
    • property investors buying residential property
    • homeowners with properties worth more than £1 million
  2. Reclaims are based on property condition at time of purchase or other reason.
  3. You must have purchased your property within the last 4 years.

Our terms:

  • No win, no fee
  • HMRC pay you, you pay us
  • If HMRC claw back, we repay our fees to you
  • Fees 30%+VAT of sum reclaimed.

Other points:

While the reclaim process has several steps, this process is time efficient and straightforward.

Nicholas Garner.

HMRC Guidance

HMRC accepts SDLT reclaims for properties with hazards like damp, mould, or unsafe wiring*: Condition assessment tool is here. | * HHSRS Hazards. Full explanation here. (Links open new tabs)

See reclaim figures

Think you have a reclaim case? Use our calculator to check if it’s worth applying for a stamp duty reclaim.
Use our stamp duty calculator here (Link opens new tab)

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Or complete this client questionnaire and send it to us. (Link opens new tab)

Case evidence

If everything is in order, we need case evidence to support your reclaim:

  • Pictures and videos that show the problems with the property.
  • The address of the property.
  • When you purchased it

Take a look at our case studies pages (Link opens a new tab) where you can see examples of the types of photos and videos we need. We won’t send videos to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), but we may be able to get still images from the video.

If you have home surveys, contractor invoices and receipts or any other information which reinforces your case, please send to us.

You can:

  • upload documents to our secure client portal or
  • email the documents to us at [email protected]
  • or use a service like

Asses case evidence

We’ll asses your proof within 24 hours or less and let you know if we think you have a strong case.

If a valid case, then sign our terms of service. See example here. (Link opens new tab)

Documents, HMRC authorisation and invoice estimate

Good case? We will need; SDLT5, TR1 and solicitors completion statement.  See Detailed explanation for documents needed. (Link opens a new tab)

In order to communicate with HMRC we need your authorisation and other information to make sure refunds are paid directly to you. See explanation on how to sigh the authorisation document. (Link opens a new tab)

We also need bank details and other information. See the client PDF questionnaire for all details required. (Link opens a new tab)

We will also send you an exact estimate for our reclaim fees for you to approve. Remember, we work on a no win no fee basis. You pay us when you are paid by HMRC.

Preparing your case

After gathering all the required information, we compile the case file and submit it to HMRC for evaluation.

A case file is usually between 120 pages and 180 pages long. Example here. (Link opens new tab)

You will be notified once we send the case file to HMRC.

HMRC typically take between 4 and 9 weeks to process a case.

Receiving payment from HMRC

HMRC will directly transfer reclaim payments to you. Subsequently, we’ll invoice you for our services. It will be based on the estimate we shared with you earlier.

Case settled

If all goes well, you might ask us to reclaim on other properties you own, recommend us to your friends and perhaps give us a Google review here. (Link opens a new tab) 

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