Manchester, UK – August 15, 2023 – Stamp Duty Advice Bureau, a leading specialist tax advisory firm, is excited to announce the appointment of Kyle Kam as a Premier Partner. Stamp Duty Advice Bureau specialises in assisting property investors and owner-occupiers in reclaiming overpaid Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) when their properties have been incorrectly classified as residential, and therefore subject to higher residential SDLT rates.

Based in Manchester and London and founded by Nicholas Garner, Stamp Duty Advice Bureau’s mission is to ensure property owners pay the correct amount of SDLT by offering comprehensive guidance and support. The company’s website contains extensive information on property condition issues, enabling property owners to better understand the factors that may impact their SDLT liabilities.

Stamp Duty Advice Bureau offers a free condition assessment tool and a free SDLT calculation tool to help property owners determine if they should make a claim for overpaid SDLT and evaluate whether it’s financially worthwhile to do so.

Kyle Kam, the newly appointed Premier Partner, is a property educator and founder of UKPropertyBox. With over 16 years of investment property experience, Kyle has an impressive track record in the British property investment market. He is also the author of investment books and a lecturer, as well as the host of property-focused channels and courses.

Nicholas Garner, Founder of Stamp Duty Advice Bureau, expressed his enthusiasm for the new partnership:

“We are very pleased to announce our Premier Partnership with Kyle Kam, who we’ve known for some years. He is an expert in property investment and brings a welcome enhancement to our offering.”

Nicholas Garner further praised Kyle’s expertise:

“Kyle is a brilliant property educator and an expert in property investment. We are proud to make Kyle & UKPropertyBox a Premier Partner. Kyle brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in property investment and is very knowledgeable in issues related to stamp duty tax reclaims.”

Kyle Kam is equally excited about the opportunity:

“Nicholas and I have worked together over the last 3 years in a very productive partnership. When the opportunity came for me to be a Premier Partner with Stamp Duty Advice Bureau, I welcomed the opportunity and look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership.”

Nicholas Garner emphasised the importance of the partnership:

“Stamp Duty Advice Bureau has a strong reputation for very high standards of service and case management. We are very careful about who we partner with, so I’m very proud to consider Kyle Kam as a Premier Partner.”

For more information about Stamp Duty Advice Bureau and their services, visit their website at .

About Stamp Duty Advice Bureau

Stamp Duty Advice Bureau is a Manchester and London based specialist tax advisory business that helps property investors and owner-occupiers reclaim overpaid Stamp Duty Land Tax. Founded by Nicholas Garner, Stamp Duty Advice Bureau is dedicated to providing expert advice and support, ensuring property owners pay the correct amount of SDLT. With a strong reputation for excellent service and case management, Stamp Duty Advice Bureau continues to grow and enhance its offerings through strategic partnerships, such as the one with Premier Partner Kyle Kam.

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