Make More Revenue From Your Network
Stamp Duty Cases.

Have your clients bought any of these in the last 4 years:

  • Residential investment properties with defects?
  • Homes valued over £1m with defects?

Your clients might have overpaid thousands in Stamp Duty Land Tax.
Assist them in reclaiming overpaid stamp duty today.

Boost your income today.
Average commission £1,000 per successful case.

With a near 100% success rate on stamp duty reclaim cases with HMRC
this is a unique opportunity to enhance client relationships and
generate substantial commission income.

Assist clients in successfully reclaiming overpaid stamp duty, fortifying relationships, enhancing trust, and promoting mutual benefit.

Drive your earnings with the most generous commission package offered by any stamp duty reclaims specialist. Average commission £1,000 per case.

We provide comprehensive administrative support, allowing you to focus on fostering and strengthening client relationships.

Overview of Stamp Duty Reclaim Process

We ensure this process is straightforward.


For some cases, only refer clients, letting us handle the administration.
For other cases, you may opt to collect documents for us.
You decide on a ‘per case basis’.

Refer Only

  • • Average commission £800 per case ✓
  • • We do document collection ✓
  • • We work directly with your referred clients ✓
  • • We do all admin ✓
  • • Great for owners of mailing lists, marketers ✓

Refer & Send Docs

  • • Average commission £1200 per case ✓
  • • You do document collection ✓
  • • You work directly with your client ✓
  • • You get our ‘virtual assistant’ support ✓
  • • Great for property consultants, mortgage advisers ✓

Commission calculator

See what commission you can make from referring reclaims cases.

Successful reclaims

Some of our client success stories.

View some of our client stamp duty refunds.

Successful cases usually include:

  • Persistent dampness
  • Presence of toxic mould
  • Overall property neglect
  • Outdated kitchens
  • Aged bathrooms
  • Non-functional boiler systems

Admin support

Our enterprise is built upon outstanding administrative excellence.

Should you require administrative support, we are here to assist. Our introducers have access to a dashboard displaying:

  • cases
  • case progression stages
  • task checklists
  • comments
  • reminders
  • work requests from you to us

Use case: An introducer directs new cases to us. They are gathering all documents. They require our dashboard and administrative assistance to keep all cases orderly, enabling them to focus on nurturing client relationships and pinpointing appropriate cases.

Frequently asked questions

Those often asked questions

What details do you need from me to act as an introducer?

If we are setting up an introducer account for you, please complete this PDF: Introducer questionnaire. 

Where are your terms and conditions?

Our terms and conditions can be seen here: Introducer terms and conditions. (Link opens new tab)

How can I calculate my commissions?

We’ve built a stamp duty refund calculator which also shows commissions payable to you. Introducer stamp duty calculator ( link opens a new tab )

How long is the processing time for a case?

Typically, the duration from document collection to HMRC payout is around 5 to 9 weeks.

When will I receive payment for a successful referral?

Payment for a successful referral is made once we receive payment. Thus, the duration from referral to payout might be between 5 and 9 weeks.

Do clients settle their invoices promptly?

Yes, clients generally pay promptly as they have received an unexpected cash windfall that they hadn’t budgeted for.

Is there a possibility of HMRC demanding a refund of stamp duty claims?

There’s a nine-month window from the date of payment. After this period, HMRC will not query a payout unless there’s evidence of fraud. Based on our and industry colleagues’ experience, there’s a 99.25% probability that once paid, the client retains their stamp duty payment.

Are there specific terms and conditions for introducers?

Clients are guaranteed refunds. In the rare event that HMRC demands money back, we will refund all of our fees to the client. Subsequently, we will request you to refund the fees paid by us to you. If unacceptable, we can adjust commissions and assume full responsibility for the client’s refund, considering the probability of a refund is minimal.

Why do you work with introducers instead of solely relying on advertising?

While we do employ advertising and marketing strategies, we predominantly engage with property investors, which is more ‘business to business’ and relies heavily on trusted professional networks, hence the collaboration with introducers.

What type of support is available for introducers?

We adhere to stringent data protection policies and employ advanced security measures to safeguard client information, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with relevant regulations.

Can introducers track the progress of cases they referred?

Yes, introducers have access to a user-friendly dashboard that displays the progression of cases, task checklists, comments, and work requests, facilitating seamless communication and updates.

What type of properties qualify for stamp duty reclaims?

Properties that  have defects such as persistent dampness, toxic mould, general neglect, outdated kitchens, aged bathrooms, and malfunctioning boiler systems typically qualify. They should be property investments or owner occupier homes valued at over £1 million to be economically viable cases.

Is there a minimum property value for claiming stamp duty refunds?

Properties acquired as investments above £40,000 or those purchased by owner-occupiers valued at over £1 million constitute the minimum viable purchase price for claims.

What happens if a client’s case is not successful?

If a case is not successful, no fees are charged to the client, adhering to our ‘No Win, No Fee’ policy, thus ensuring client satisfaction and trust.

Are there any upfront costs for clients or introducers?

No, there are no upfront costs for either clients or introducers. Our fee is contingent upon the successful reclaim of stamp duty.

Is there a limit to the number of cases an introducer can refer?

There is no limit. Introducers are encouraged to refer as many qualifying cases as they can identify, enhancing their earning potential.

What kind of training or resources are provided to introducers?

We provide comprehensive training and a variety of resources to introducers to help them understand the process, identify suitable cases, and communicate effectively with clients.

How does your refund guarantee work in detail?

In the unlikely event that HMRC demands a refund, we will return all of our fees to the client and request the introducer to refund the fees paid by us to them, ensuring client satisfaction and trust.

From which geographical jurisdictions can reclaims be made?

We can only assist with stamp duty reclaims related to properties in poor condition within the jurisdictions of England and Northern Ireland, as per the prevailing law.

How do you ensure the security and confidentiality of client information?

Clients are guaranteed refunds. In the rare event that HMRC demands money back, we will refund all of our fees to the client. Subsequently, we will request you to refund the fees paid by us to you. If unacceptable, we can adjust commissions and assume full responsibility for the client’s refund, considering the probability of a refund is minimal.

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