20 questions to ask me:

What is stamp duty reclaim?

How can I check if I overpaid stamp duty?

What conditions qualify a property for stamp duty reclaim?

How do I start a stamp duty reclaim process?

What documents are needed for a stamp duty reclaim?

How long does the reclaim process take?

Is there a fee for reclaiming stamp duty?

Can I reclaim stamp duty for properties bought over 4 years ago?

What happens if my reclaim is unsuccessful?

  • How much stamp duty can I expect to reclaim?
  • Are there any risks involved in reclaiming stamp duty?
  • How is the refund from HMRC processed?
  • What are the common reasons for overpaid stamp duty?
  • Can I reclaim stamp duty for commercial properties?
  • How can I prove the property’s condition at the time of purchase?
  • What if I don’t have all the required documents?
  • Is there a limit to the number of properties I can reclaim stamp duty for?
  • Can I reclaim stamp duty if I renovated the property after purchase?
  • How do I book a consultation with a tax consultant?
  • What are the next steps after submitting my reclaim?