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Correctly signing the agent authorisation form

In order for us to act on your behalf, we need to have an authorisation form signed by you, which we present to HMRC when making a claim for a stamp duty reclaim on your behalf.


{{clientFirstName}} {{clientLastName}},
Subject: Authorisation to Act on My Behalf
Dated: {{contractCreationDate}}

Your ref: {{UniqueTransactionReferenceNumberUTRN}} | {{BoughtPropertyAddressLine1}}, {{BoughtPropertyAddressLine2}}, {{BoughtPropertyTownOrCity}}, {{BoughtPropertyStateProvinceCounty}}, {{BoughtPropertyPostcode}}.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I, {{YourFullNameAsShownOnYourVerifiedID}}, of {{UserAddrLine1}}, {{UserAddrLine2}}, {{UserCity}}, {{UserCountry}}, {{UserZipPostcode}}, acting in my capacity as a Person with Significant Control (PSC) of  {{NameOfLimitedCompanyUsedForPurchase}}, company number {{CompanyNumber}}, the purchaser of the property at {{BoughtPropertyAddressLine1}}, {{BoughtPropertyAddressLine2}}, {{BoughtPropertyTownOrCity}}, {{BoughtPropertyStateProvinceCounty}}, {{BoughtPropertyPostcode}}, whose unique transaction reference number is: {{UniqueTransactionReferenceNumberUTRN}}, hereby grant authorisation to His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to disclose relevant information to Stamp Duty Advice Bureau Ltd concerning the reclaiming of stamp duty land tax payable by {{NameOfLimitedCompanyUsedForPurchase}} for the aforementioned property. 

This authorisation encompasses, but is not limited to, making any necessary requests, providing and receiving information, submitting any required documents, and engaging in any other actions necessary to carry out this process with His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). This authorisation will remain in effect until the completion of the stamp duty reclaim process for the aforementioned property or until I provide further notice.
I hereby affirm that the information provided by me in respect to the stamp duty reclaim for the aforementioned property is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I am aware that providing false information may result in penalties and/or legal prosecution. 

Please acknowledge this letter as my formal authorisation for Stamp Duty Advice Bureau Ltd to act on my behalf.

My agent’s details: Their client reference: {{clientUID}} 
HMRC correspondence address: Stamp Duty Advice Bureau, Hall House, 27a West Common, Gerrards Cross, Bucks, SL9 7QS
Phone number: 0161 554 0123 | Contact: Nicholas Garner | Email: [email protected]


Digitally signed by: {{YourFullNameAsShownOnYourVerifiedID}} 
Dated: {{contractClientSignDate}}

Signed by hand:


This video explains the process.

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I Accept

Nick Garner from the Stamp Duty Advice Bureau explains how to properly sign an authorization form digitally and physically. The instructions received via email guide you through the digital signing process.

The document can then be printed for a physical signature. For the physical signature, a ballpoint pen (preferably black or dark blue) is used, as the HMRC requires a ‘wet’ signature, meaning a signature made in ink, not a digital one.

A high-resolution photo or scan of the signed document should then be taken, ensuring all text is visible and clear, with an additional close-up photo of the signature for clarity. These images need to be crisp and easy to read, as they will be printed out by the HMRC. The HMRC accepts this method, especially when dealing with overseas clients where sending a physical document can be challenging.

The wording of the document is straightforward. It identifies the signatory and grants authorisation for the Stamp Duty Advice Bureau to liaise with HMRC on their behalf. It also provides details about the entity (individual or company) responsible for the payment.

The document also includes a Statement of Truth, though not obligatory for an authorization form. This section confirms the correctness of the information provided, and adds that any attempt to intentionally provide misleading or false information can result in penalties. Thus, the HMRC, upon reading this document, will understand that the signatory accepts responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided.

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