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Your bank account details

Stamp duty refunds: Once we have confirmed the validity of your claim and we agree to work together, we will give you free access to our secure client portal. This platform will allow you to easily answer all relevant questions and upload any necessary documents. Some of the information we may need when making a stamp duty refund claim on your behalf.

Submitting bank details for a potential stamp duty refund in the same account used for payment is helpful. This is because it provides an extra layer of security for HMRC to trace funds back to the original payee. If this account is no longer in use or no longer exists, we will require your current bank details.

Bank account details in the UK typically consist of an account number and a sort code. The account number is usually 8 digits long, and the sort code is a six-digit number that identifies the bank and branch where the account is held. For example, a bank account in the UK may have the following format:
Account number: 12345678 Sort code: 12-34-56
In this example, the account number is 12345678, and the sort code is 12-34-56.

You may have paid for the stamp duty via an international bank account. In which case we will need these bank account details. International transfers are usually given in IBAN (International Bank Account Number) format. An example of an IBAN for a UK bank account is GB29 NWBK 6016 1331 9268 19, where “GB” represents the country code, “29” represents the check digits, “NWBK” represents the bank identifier, and the remaining digits represent the branch and account numbers.

If you were the sole purchaser: 

Please provide us with your bank account information, including the bank account number and sort code, so that HMRC can refund any payment electronically to your account.

If you jointly purchased the property with one or more people:

We need the bank account details used for paying the original stamp duty to HMRC. If you’re refunded stamp duty, the money will be paid to this account.

If you purchased the property through a limited company: 

We need the bank details of the limited company bank account which was used to pay the stamp duty. If you didn’t pay stamp duty via a limited company, we need details of the bank account used for paying the stamp duty.

In case you cannot access the original account used for stamp duty payment, please provide us with the details of your current bank account. To ensure authenticity, we need to verify that the bank account belongs to the entity or individual claiming the stamp duty refund. This would require proof of address matching the bank account and a copy of the passport of the individual referenced on the bank account. Additionally, this individual must be related to the property transaction, unless authorized by the claimant.

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