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Solicitor expenditure statement:

Stamp duty refunds: Once we have confirmed the validity of your claim and we agree to work together, we will give you free access to our secure client portal. This platform will allow you to easily answer all relevant questions and upload any necessary documents. Some of the information we may need when making a stamp duty refund claim on your behalf.

If you paid your conveyancing solicitor a lump sum to cover purchase costs, stamp duty, and other expenses, we will need an expenditure statement from the solicitor as you won’t have a payment record from your bank account to HMRC.

The expenditure statement is a document that solicitors provide to their clients after a property purchase has been completed. It details all the costs associated with the transaction, including legal fees, search fees, stamp duty land tax, and other expenses. The statement provides a detailed breakdown of these costs, giving a clear picture of the total amount of money spent to complete the purchase.

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