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How much tax are you requesting a repayment for?

Stamp duty refunds: Once we have confirmed the validity of your claim and we agree to work together, we will give you free access to our secure client portal. This platform will allow you to easily answer all relevant questions and upload any necessary documents. Some of the information we may need when making a stamp duty refund claim on your behalf.

Important! We will help you with this calculation. To ensure accuracy, it is crucial to request the correct amount. Our stamp duty calculator can help, but it’s important to double-check with the official government STLD/stamp duty calculator here.

The calculation will be:
Stamp duty you paid as your property had been assessed as residential. Minus stamp duty you should pay if your property is assessed as non-residential.

Let’s take this example. Scenario: a UK resident buying a property through a company as an investment. Property is £200,000
Your stamp duty if your property is classified as ‘residential’: £6,000
Stamp duty if your property is classified as ‘non-residential’ : £1,000
Difference between residential and non-residential stamp duty: £5,000
Therefore you would request a repayment of £5,000

If you provide us with the necessary information, we will calculate the rebate figure. Once you approve the calculation, we will submit the repayment request figure accordingly.

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