Excerpt from; Stamp Duty Land Tax Guide For Property Investors.

Strategies Using SDLT Reliefs & Classifications

Chapter Summary: This chapter delves into strategic property investment and development techniques using SDLT reliefs detailed in the Finance Act 2003, Schedule 6A, with updates valid as of April 2, 2024.

Key Points

  • SDLT exemptions are available for transactions involving house-building companies and property traders under specific conditions, such as mutual consideration and residency requirements.
  • Special exemptions apply for acquisitions from personal representatives, in relocation cases, or to prevent broken transaction chains.
  • Each exemption has stipulations regarding residency, land area, and transaction dependency, with partial charges applicable if conditions are partially met.

Main Principles The main principles revolve around minimising SDLT liability to encourage property development and investment under specific legal frameworks. These exemptions aim to facilitate property recycling, support employment relocation, and assist transactions affected by broken chains, enhancing the efficiency of the property market.

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This Article Written By Nick Garner
Founder Stamp Duty Advice Bureau
Author of Stamp Duty Land Tax Guide
For Property Investors.