We help clients by representing them and making a case to the HMRC to get back overpaid stamp duty land tax.

The objective of Stamp Duty Advice Bureau is straightforward:

  1. Help property owners retrieve their rightful stamp duty refunds.
  2. Guide property buyers in paying the correct stamp duty, particularly if their property falls under the “non-residential” category.
  3. Facilitate Refunds: Have you bought a property with deficiencies in the last 4 years? You may be entitled to a stamp duty rebate. Discover your eligibility and reclaim your money.
  4. Ensure Correct Payment: Thinking of purchasing a property in a poor condition? You may be able to pay a reduced stamp duty rate by categorizing it as “non-residential.”

Our Mission

Pay the correct stamp duty.

Nick Garner  the founder of the Stamp Duty Advice Bureau, brings expertise in property condition assessment.

Nick, who is also the founder of Invesmore, a company that sources and renovates buy-to-let properties, realized that many of his clients were overpaying stamp duty on properties that were considered “non-residential” due to their condition. He founded the Stamp Duty Advice Bureau as a resource for those seeking a stamp duty rebate and to provide information and advice.

Our partner company, the successful Charles Louis group, is a directly authorised financial services intermediary specializing in property financing such as buy-to-let mortgages and owner-occupier mortgages. Their team have a thorough understanding of compliance standards, processes, and providing professional advice in a regulated environment. David ensures strict adherence to high standards to maintain a positive relationship with case officers at HMRC.


Our principles stem from being open and honest, enabling informed decisions, and upholding justice. We believe in providing complete transparency, empowering our clients with the knowledge they need, and treating everyone fairly. This results in giving you the necessary information to confidently determine the correct stamp duty to pay.

Truth first

Discover the real facts.

Objective opinions

Offer balanced advice


Earn trust from all

Process driven

Rigorous processes and quality

Nick Garner

Founder & Director

Meet the Founder.

Prior to founding Stamp Duty Advice Bureau, I founded Invesmore, a property sourcing business that focuses on buy to let properties for investors. As we worked with more and more clients, we started to notice that some of their properties were in poor condition, yet they were still being charged the full residential rate of stamp duty. I was curious about this and started to look into the situation more closely. What I discovered was shocking: tens of thousands of buyers every year were not paying the correct amount of stamp duty because their properties were being wrongly classified as residential.

This was a problem that needed to be addressed. So, I decided to take action and create a new service to help people claim back the overpaid stamp duty. We developed a comprehensive process to assess the condition of properties and determine whether they should be classified as residential or non-residential. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that our clients receive a fair refund from HMRC.

As part of my personal commitment to educating homebuyers, I have nearly 1,700 students enrolled in my 3 Udemy property courses.

I am proud of the work we have done so far and the positive impact it has had on our clients’ lives. It’s incredibly rewarding to help people get back the money they are due and to make the property buying process a little bit easier for everyone.


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– Acquired it as an investment,
– Paid ‘second property’ SDLT,

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and could lawfully reclaim.

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